Mount Rinjani Trekking Tour 4 Days 3 Nights Summit Price Package Via Sembalun And End Torean

  • 2-4 Participants = USD355/Person
  • 5-6Participants = USD280/Person
  • 7-9 Participants= USD260/Person
  • 10+ Participants =USD250/Person+ 1 free of charge

Itineraries in the field can change, this is common because it really depends on the situation on the trip.

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Mount Rinjani Trekking Price Information

How Much Price For Climbing Mount Rinjani Information Package

Mount Rinjani Trekking Rinjani to Crater Rim Tetebatu

Mount Rinjani Trekking Rinjani to Crater Rim Tetebatu

Tetebatu Hill is located Mount Rinjani National Park at an altitude of 2550 meters above sea level located at -8.453353, 116.410269 included in the area of ​​Tetebatu village, Sikur sub-district, East Lombok regency, From this place we can see beautiful scenery towards Segara Anak lake, Mount Baru Jari and Puncak Gunung Rinjani and from this place also can reach Segara Anak lake with travel time about 4 hours

Ascent to Tetebatu Hill starts from Tetebatu village in East Lombok from an altitude of 700 meters above sea level. The journey begins from Monkey forest (wilderness forest in Tetebatu which is inhabited by monkeys or monkeys) here we can see monkeys (monkeys) in a number of very many and from this place we can see clearly the mountain or Tetebatu Hill which became our goal .

After 30 minutes walking from the Monkey Forest we will enter a dense forest and the path we are through is new / natural and feels cool as many hot sun trees are blocked by dense bridges and not felt After traveling 1 hour 30 minutes we arrived at the first resting place commonly called the Dutch Cottage (probably used to be used by Dutch soldiers to rest before continuing the ascent to Lake Segara Anak).

After enough rest we continue the journey and after 15 minutes walk we enter the meadow and in this place we can see the villagers far behind us and Rinjani mountain in front stands majestically, And after 1 hour 30 minutes we leave the Netherlands Pondok we come to the second row of the Cemara Baris and for lunch.

After the break and lunch, we will continue our journey to Tetebatu Hill and the journey is quite steep so reach the top of Tetebatu Hill after 2 hours from Cemara Baris, and in this place, we set up a tent for a Place of rest and overnight.

The trek price we can negotiate depending on your budget please contact us

Mount Rinjani Trekking Tour 4 Days 3 Nights Summit Via Sembalun And End Torean

The Torean hiking trail is the newest route to Mount Rinjani in the northern part of the island of Lombok, which is included in the administrative area of ​​​​the North Lombok Regency. This route is usually traversed by pilgrims to Lake Segara Anak, both Hindus and Muslims.

Torean route is the most sloping path to Lake Segara Anak, departing from an altitude of 750 meters above sea level (start trekking point) to Lake Segara_Anak 2000 meters above sea level. Since it was inaugurated, this route is the most favored route by climbers, especially when descending from the lake. Not only because the net is downhill and sloping, but all the way from the lake to the gate point of the Torean is very amazing and will spoil the eyes of everyone who passes on the path.

You will find views of valleys, rivers, waterfalls, and dense forests along the way from Lake Segara Anak to the gate of Torean Village. The natural scenery presented is guaranteed to make you amazed by the natural beauty of Mount Rinjani National Park.


Arrival Day
Our driver will pick you up at Lombok International Airport, or at another arrival point such as at the port or at the hotel where you are staying. After that, you will be dropped off at Sembalun Village to the available lodging.

If you arrive at Sembalun in the afternoon or evening, then you can fill your time by walking around and seeing the sights around Sembalun.

Before resting you will be briefed on technical preparation for climbing. This is important so that the climbing participants understand what is prepared during the trip to explore Mount Rinjani.


Overview : Post 1, Post 2, Pelawangan Sembalun.

Tour Experience
• Enjoy the view of Rinjani from Sembalun Village
• Visiting the Sembalun National Park Resort office.
• See the view of Savana forest.
• Enjoy Mount Rinjani from the view of the Savana
• Conquer the hill of regret
• See the view of the lake from the Sembalun crater rim
• Enjoying the sunset when the weather is clear
• Camping at the Sembalun crater Rim.

Travel duration: 8-12 hours.
Wake up in the morning, have breakfast at the hotel, then our driver will pick you up and drop you at the Mount Rinjani National Park Office for registration. Then go to the climbing point using a pickup vehicle.

Arrive at post 2 around 10 am, then go to post 3, and have lunch there. the distance from the point at the start of the ascent to post III is 4.5 km long. The path is not too difficult, namely through the savanna forest path where the climbing point starts from an altitude of 1300 masl to 1800 masl.

After lunch, the journey continues to the Sembalun crater rim. From post III to the Sembalun crater rim (Pelawangan), it takes normally 2.5-3.5 hours of travel. The trail is quite steep and tiring, but safe for climbers.

This path is known as the hill of regret because it passes through seven hilltops so it makes every climber curious. the distance between post III to the field is only 1.5 km.

Arriving at Pelawangan, you will be greeted by views of Lake Segara Anak and the gentle breeze bringing coolness, the peak of Mount Rinjani, and the Sembalun valley. Guaranteed, all your tiredness will disappear instantly. Regret turns into joy and happiness. The porter is also waiting for your arrival and ready to serve you hot tea or coffee to quench your thirst during the trip or warm your body in the midst of the cold weather that is starting to envelop you.

Our porter will cook a warm and gravy menu, after dinner, then take a quick break to prepare for the summit the next day.

THE SECOND DAY; Trekking Rinjani

Overview: Summit, Plawangan, lake, hot water.

Tour Experience
• conquer the summit of Mount Rinjani
• See the view of the Lake from along the summit
• Enjoy the view of the lake and the island of Lombok from the top
• Stepping on footprints on Lake Segara Anak
• Soak in hot water

Travel Duration: 12-14 hours
Wake up at 1:30 am for breakfast with toast and a hot drink. Then at 2 o’clock, we went up to the top. from the camp to the peak it takes 2.5-5 hours.

The trip to the top is the most melting journey when exploring Mount Rinjani. In addition, Trek to the top is quite heavy whereas in the first hour of the journey the track is steep and slippery because of the sand. After that, the track is more gentle but long, while 45 minutes before reaching the top you will find the most challenging and curious path.

This path is dominated by sand and gravel so it makes you walk slowly. Here you will get an annoying experience where when you take two steps and will step back one step because it is slippery but safe because the trail is quite wide.

Arriving at the top of Mount Rinjani, fatigue will disappear and there is only awe at seeing the natural scenery from a height of 3,726 meters above sea level.

Once satisfied take pictures and capture your moment, then go down to the Sembalun crater rim (camp area). The way down is faster, but you have to be careful and prioritize safety. The time it takes is 1.5 hours with a distance of 3.5 km.

Arriving at the camp area, your breakfast is ready. Usually will feel very tired due to not getting enough sleep and extraordinarily strenuous travel. There is not much time to rest because you have to continue the journey to the lake.

From Pelawangan to Lake Segara Anak, the distance is 3.5 km and the travel time is 2.5-3.5 hours. Arriving at the lake, get lunch. Tents will be set up in the Segara Anak lake area, besides enjoying lake funding, you can also visit hot springs which are located not far from where you are staying.

Dinner with a quiet atmosphere on the shores of Lake Segara Anak will certainly be memorable for you, then rest. Make sure to sleep early because the next day you will continue your journey to Torean Village.

DAY 3 Trekking Rinjani: Sembalun crater rim and Lake Segara Anak .

• explore the rocky path of Mount Rinjani’s caldera wall
• Enjoy the atmosphere at Segara Anak lake.
• soak in hot water

Duration: 5 hours
Wake up early, have breakfast, and get ready to continue the journey to Torean Village.

On the way, you will see stunning views of mountain valleys, waterfalls, and the rainforest.

The road is relatively light with the dominance of derivative tracks and flat roads but the distance is quite far. However, it is very suitable as a return route when you are in Segara Anak Lake.

You will stay at the location of the Barisan Nangka camp, which is in the middle of the rainforest.

Rinjani Trekking DAY 4

Overview: The Birisan Nangka Row, Rain Forest, and Torean Village.

* Experience the Susana of the rainforest of Mount Rinjani
* Hear the sound of birds chirping in the morning
* See the activities of the Torean Village Local community

Duration: 5 hours

Wake up in the morning, have breakfast, and get ready to continue the journey. The path from the camp location to the Torean Village is relatively safe, namely through forests and community plantations. Arriving at the Torean gate, the driver is already waiting for you, then proceed to the next destination. Tour is finished.

Mount Rinjani Trekking Tour 4 Days 3 Nights Summit Price Package Via Sembalun And End Torean

  • 2-4 Participants = USD355/Person
  • 5-6Participants = USD280/Person
  • 7-9 Participants= USD260/Person
  • 10+ Participants =USD250/Person+ 1 free of charge

Itineraries in the field can change, this is common because it really depends on the situation on the trip.

Mount Rinjani Trekking Rinjani Start Aik Berik Central Lombok

The option of trekking rinjani starts at Aik Berik in the center of Lombok for the people who want to climb Mount Rinjani and escape from the crowded trekker and explore the nature of the Rinjani National Park or when trekking Rinjani from Sembalun or Senaru the main routes is closed.

3D/2N Rinjani Trekking start Point Aik Brik


Pick up from Airport or another area around Lombok then driving to AikBrik Villages, Friendly and charming welcome from our crews, check-in Andrak Homestay, stay breaks than prepare for Benang Stokel and Benang Kelambu Panorama Waterfall jungle trek, This is half-day soft treks through the villages, rice fields, small river, rain forest and end up for swimming and bathing at both charming Benang Stokel and Benanng Kelambu waterfall, after having great times in the waterfall We trek back through thick tropical rain forest rich of species of flora and fauna, stay breaks stay overnight in the homestay.


Wake up in the morning enjoy breakfast and get ready for the long hike, Trekking through dense forest, the ascent up to the crater rim takes around 6 hours. From here, the descent to the crater lake is about 3 hours. This track offers lots of variety, with the famed Tiara Dewi Anjani waterfall as one of its highlights, and with some luck, one might encounter a herd of deer. This track is especially favored by those looking for a completely different angle of approach to Rinjani. For centuries this route has been used by hunters and fishermen looking for their prey in the dense forest and arriving in rim crater before sunset, Enjoy the amazing sunset with a background of Segara Anak Lake and 1st-night camping.


Wake up in the morning to memorize the moment of sunrise, where the sun moves behind the summit of the mountain, Enjoy breakfast then trek all way down through different paths like when We climb up but with the same atmosphere of thick tropical rain forest where We can observe many species of flora and fauna, return to the villages, coffee breaks than drive to next destination: Kuta / Mataram / Senggigi or Gili Island.

Mount Rinjani Trekking Rinjani Start Aik Berik Central Lombok Package Prices:

  • 2-4 Participants = USD210
  • 5-6Participants = USD190
  • 7-9 Participants= USD170/Person
  • 10+ Participants =USD160/Person+ 1 free of charge
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