Regarding climbing a mountain, you must recognize the charm and appeal of this mountain, and for more details, we will convey in Mount Rinjani hike reviews from many professional travelers. Prepare your stuff and start traveling to this volcano!

Climbing a mountain has always been a hobby for people who have gone on a trip. However, those who want a pleasant trip can expect a trip to Mount Rinjani. You can start packing and preparing for the journey by knowing how to get to Mount Rinjani.

Getting to Mount Rinjani is pretty straightforward. This active volcano is located on an island in Indonesia which you will commonly hear of as Lombok. You can use aeroplane access to fly directly to Lombok International Airport and get a long drive to the mountain.

The drive will take around 2.5 to 3 hours, but it’s still fun. Your trip will be offered with long windy roads with cliffs with tons of wild monkeys on the side. So with access to this trip, you will be energized.

You Can only Climb Mount Rinjani with Guide; always Use the Best Mount Rinjani Hike Review Tools.

The key is here; some of the best ways can get you into one of this paradise on earth. You can choose land, air, or even ship routes. Each has its pros and cons, and you have to decide which one suits you best.

But if you look at other Mount Rinjani hike reviews, all of their activities are helped a lot because there is a guide. Guides come and are ready to help tourists who come to Mount Rinjani through all the accesses that need to be passed. But this is not a mandatory option.

You can choose for yourself whether you need a guide to help your journey or not. Previously, you need to know that Mount Rinjani Hiking trails are closed from January 1 to March 31 because it is the monsoon season; this is rarely stated in other Mount Rinjani hike reviews.

At that time, it was the monsoon season, meaning it tends to bring heavy rain, and the traversed trails and tracks were dangerous. However, when we trekked in April, the weather was perfect, and the paths we went on were delightful.

There was no rain, and the sun wasn’t too hot either. But because other tourists rarely state this information, many people don’t use guides. However, it is a perfect thing to get a certified guide to guide for Mount Rinjani hike review.

Some people do tend to avoid guides, but we don’t recommend them to those of you who are beginners. This is also one of the livelihoods of residents to live. But again, the decision is yours to determine your own holiday experience.

What are the Things that Offer to You?

Everyone wants to run a vacation that puts their limits and gets an epic adventure. This epic experience can be obtained at Mount Rinjani in Lombok. The 2nd highest volcano in Indonesia has everything a tourist might need.

For more details, in the Mount Rinjani hike review we wrote, we will tell you some things that are rarely known but also essential for you to find out. And we have presented this information below, and hopefully, it can help your trekking:

  1. Experience Camping on the Crater Rim

We will start by reviewing the experience of camping on the crater rim. It usually begins on the first day after a long journey. We were headed towards the edge with the information paragraph provided by the guides.

In the Mount Rinjani hike review at this time, you can also see paths in the open fields that are laborious higher up the mountain. There are lots of plantations there, and trekking here has few inclined ways, but get serious in an altitude meter straight away!

Of course, this is no longer an easy walk uphill, and the tracks are starting to get more extreme. However, during dinner, you usually set up your tent in the dark and see gorgeous views. We could create the journey after rest.

  1. Summit the Trek

And when passing the summit track, this is the time you return to the dark. This is the best time to start the trip, which is at 11 pm. Stay comfortable in your tent and create an arduous climb towards the rim of Mount Rinjani.

Usually, at that hour, trekkers become motivators for other people and also great companions for traveling companions, at least what we have seen from various Mount Rinjani hike reviews and what we have witnessed recently.

Altitude and thin air are a challenge at dawn. However, the view that will be obtained at dawn is also perfect. You can feel every moment there and get your moment photography, but always balance on the rocky path!

  1. Downhill to the Crater Lake

Remember that you must go downhill to the crater lake first when you get there. This is one of the perfect sights that you can witness. When else can you see a lake surrounded by a wall of mountains, specifically a volcano on Mount Rinjani hike review.

It looks surreal, and everything around it is so green. Scenery like this will make all your trips feel very worth it. This will be tiring and make your feet sore, but it will be worth it.

If you read the Mount Rinjani hike review, surely, they will never agree that going downhill to the crater is an easy job. It’s tough and resting here while looking at the stunning scenery can help you recharge yourself.

  1. Uphill to the Crater Rim

Your journey is ongoing because you will continue to feel tired and reach the Crater Lake and rim. Of course, in Mount Rinjani hike review, stated that you need to fuel yourself first by getting time to rest and eat at an altitude of around 2,500 meters.

By reaching the crater rim, you will witness the magnificent views of camp in the clouds. This also took everything for granted. Mount Rinjani trekking guide provided excellent service, and it might be fun to be here until sunset.

  1. Walking Back to the Senaru

After sunset, in this Mount Rinjani hike review, we recommend that you prepare to walk backwards to Senaru. This is way down back to complete the circle. If the track is quiet, you can reach Senaru in under 3 hours.

But usually, it takes up to 8 hours to arrive at Senaru. But what is no less fun is the valley down to the ocean. This is still scarce for us to see, but it will be one of the most interesting.

  1. Waterfall Experience

Reading our Mount Rinjani hike review is about more than just the track. There are still things that can be done, such as keeping an excellent additional activity like visiting the Tiu Kelep waterfall. This is even what we highly recommend for those who want peace.

You only need 20 minutes from Rinjani Lodge to arrive at this impressive waterfall. Here, it would help if you prepared your body cleaning equipment because the water invites you to dive. There is nothing unpleasant here anymore.

Best Mount Rinjani Trekking Company

Rinjani is open anytime, but the best option is the three-day and two-night trek. You can travel comfortably and enjoy all it has to offer—starting from climbing up to the summit, descending to the Crater Lake, and camping around.

The track is challenging, but everyone can pass it well. But the best Rinjani trekking company will be beneficial. We are confident that you will be satisfied with what is offered, the best service provider on Mount Rinjani hike review.

Here, you can easily decide who to pick you up when you arrive in Lombok. His groups also consist of professional people to complete your trekking trip. And with this service provider, trekking becomes easier.

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