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Rinjani Trekking Tour, A Guide of Lombok Trekking

Rinjani seems to be one of the best Lombok trekking. Mount Rinjani, approximately 3,726 meters above sea level, towers over the entire Indonesian island of Lombok. Rinjani seems to be the nation’s second tallest volcano, just after Mount Kerinci in Sumatra.

Rinjani’s frightening shape serves as a continual reminder of the enormous energies churning under the earth’s surface. Day after day, hundreds of daring hikers are drawn to Rinjani by their force as they are looking for the best Lombok trekking.

Why Should You Go on a Rinjani Trek?

The difficult trek towards the crater rim is blessed with breathtaking views. The summit’s rocky black ground dips into a verdant valley full of purples so rich and greens so vivid they don’t appear to exist in such a nature. Lake Segara Anak is just a deep turquoise at the bottom of such a gaping crater, reflecting the beautiful color of Lombok’s waters.

Mount Barujari, the active volcano on the lake’s edge, continuously spews ominous smoke clouds into the surrounding area. During nightfall, the sky is covered with stars that appear to be painted on.

Rinjani Trekking Tour Options

–       Where to Begin with: Sembalun or Senaru?

Rinjani National Park has two primary points of access. You may reach the summit from either Sembalun or Senaru. Three- or four-day treks begin in one community and conclude in the other. Due to the method the paths are set up, our Lombok Hiking Tour strongly recommends starting at Sembalun.

The rise over Sembalun was difficult and sandy on the first day. Going in the other way appears to be quite dangerous. Similarly, the descent towards the lake on the crater is so high and rough that traveling the opposite way would be a genuine leg-breaker.

If you wish to go off the beaten path, organize a private trip such as the Lombok Hiking Tour and inquire about one of the less-traveled paths, such as the trails from Aik Berik or Torean. We want you to have learned about them earlier before embarking on the journey!

–       How many nights do you want to spend on Rinjani?

The 3-day, 2-night journey is currently the most frequent and also the one we suggest. This allows you to hike to the peak while simultaneously visiting the crater’s lake as well as hot springs. If you’re not in a hurry, choose the 4-day and 3-night plan, which visits the same destinations but gives you extra time to rest and appreciate Mount Rinjani.

The opportunity to climb at sunrise is included in the 2-day, 1-night excursion from Sembalun. If you are in great shape and enjoy touring your equipment, go for it! Meanwhile, pardon your poor body and spend additional time on this mountain.

The hike from Senaru takes two days and one night to reach the crater rim opposing the top. This may be the easiest route, but not the only one for Mount Rinjani trekking.

You don’t get close to the peak or the lake, however the panoramas of the crater are spectacular. If you don’t believe you can manage a longer walk yet still want to see Rinjani, this is definitely your best bet.

Packing List for Rinjani: Lombok Trekking

Bring as few items as possible. If you believe you can live without something, leave one behind. Here’s a list of what you’ll need:

– Gloves, scarf and hat

– Good hiking shoes (the one with waterproof is better)

– Headlamp (for night hike at summit)

– One or two sweat-wicking shirts

– A pair of shorts

– A pair of long pants

– Logistics (foods and snacks)

– 3 bottles of water

– Toothbrush + toothpaste

– Sunglasses

– Sunscreens

– Socks and undies

– Tiny towels

-ID and cash for tipping

How Long To Climb Mount Rinjani 

How Long To Climb Mount Rinjani during a Rinjani Trekking Tour

How Long To Climb Mount Rinjani will be the very first thing that will determine a lot of things about your Rinjani trekking journey. The tour will depend on your time availability and your body conditions.

The type of trekking itinerary will determine how long you will spend to finish the Rinjani trekking. Nevertheless, you also need to understand the hiking trails to understand how ready you are to handle the path to your goal of trekking Mount Rinjani.

Choose the Itineraries

You will find some options for itineraries offered by the Rinjani trekking tour providers. Many of them offer pretty similar itineraries, after all, so you only need to choose one that can be suitable to your available time and your body condition.

If you think that you are super fit and your time is limited, you can choose one day trip to hike Mount Rinjani. However, there is no way you can reach the summit with this itinerary. If you start the hike pretty early, you can hike to the crater rim to enjoy the scenery of the Segara Anak lake and the caldera before returning to your starting point on the same day.

You might not be that fit to take this hard one-day trekking itinerary on Mount Rinjani, but you do not have too much time to spend, as well. In this circumstance, you can choose a two days itinerary that will not lead you to the summit as well. At least, you can spend the night at the crater trim to take a rest, enjoy the view, and get your energy back to descend the mountain.

If you are fit enough and want to reach the summit in a limited time, the only option you have is to take a two days itinerary with a summit attack included. You will spend the night at the Sembalun crater rim before starting the summit attack in the middle of the night and go back to the village on the next day right after climbing to the summit.

If you want to trek leisurely, the three-to-four-day itinerary will be the best choice for you. It does not mean that you have to ascend to the summit with this itinerary option. You can feel free to choose to go to the summit or not depending on your condition because the summit attack can be the most difficult trail during the journey.

How Long To Climb Mount Rinjani will also determine what things you can enjoy during the trip. With longer itinerary options, you can spend the night right next to the lake after the summit attack schedule. Segara Anak lake has a lot to offer, including beautiful views, fishing opportunities, waterfalls, and guess what, hot springs.

Hiking Trails

Some routes are available for the Rinjani trekking tour, but this is the most common route taken. The trekking journey will start from Sembalun village. From the office of Gunung Rinjani National Park Office to the Plawangan Sembalun crater rim where you will camp, the distance is about 10 km with about 1,630 height gain. The hiking trail has a moderate difficulty level, after all.

The trail gets much more difficult when you want to reach the Rinjani summit from the Plawangan Sembalun crater rim although the distance is only about 8 km including the return to the crater rim. The trail is steep and covered with loose scree that makes it difficult and slippery.

The descending trail from Sembalun crater rim to Segara Anak Lake is pretty easy with about a 3.4 km distance. 

To go to the Senaru village as the last stop of the trekking journey, another ascending trail can be found for about 2.5 km from Segara Anak Lake to Plawangan Senaru crater rim with moderate difficulty. From the Plawangan Senaru crater rim to Senaru village, you will follow the path with moderate difficulty for about 10 km.

After understanding How Long To Climb Mount Rinjani, which option will you choose?

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