Want To Know More About Lombok Tour Package? Find Out More About Lombok Tour Package Here!

Do you want to know more about the Lombok tour package? Lombok is a beautiful island that you can find in West Nusa Tenggara in Indonesia that has many fantastic aspects to it. From the stunning view to the relaxing beaches, and the impressive mountains, you can bet that Lombok is one of the best places in Indonesia that you can take a trip to.

However, you may wonder how you can get to Lombok safely and also not get lost in Lombok. If that is what you are worried about, then you do not have to worry any longer. The Lombok hiking tour is the company you are looking for if you want to tour Lombok, especially with its tour packages.

What is a Lombok Tour Package?

Before we continue our discussion of the Lombok Hiking Tour company, you may be wondering what a tour package is. Tours are an experience that you can get from a tour operator to guide you through an unfamiliar location (for example, in Bali or this case, in Lombok) so you can feel your surroundings and get a better experience overall. Tours usually show you the points of interest in that country or location.

Tour packages, on the other hand, are tours that also provide transport, food, hotels, and accommodation during your trip. Tour packages are helpful if you do not know much about the place you want to take a trip to, but still want to visit. There are many reasons why people go touring instead of going to Lombok without a guide, which we will get to in the next section.

Why do People get Tour Packages?

Before we get to why you should get a tour package to Lombok, let us first find out why people get tour packages in the first place. Tours are valuable if you want to visit a country to visit the tourist spots and the fantastic attractions. Tour trips are more structured compared to you going to each of these attractions on your own as most tours have schedules for you to follow.

Tour packages are also quite helpful because you do not need to worry about any accommodations as long as you have paid for the tour package. You do not need to worry about food, transportation, tickets, etc. You do not need to worry about any of that if you decide to get a tour package. You do not need to worry about driving because tour packages also provide you with a professional driver.

Why Should I get a Tour Package to Lombok?

As we have mentioned before, the Lombok Hiking Tour is one of the best tour package companies you can get if you want to visit Lombok and all of its fascinating attractions. The Lombok Hiking Tour will provide you with a Lombok tour package to visit some of their attractions and go hiking to the famous Mount Rinjani so you can trek the mountains and get some breathtaking views from the mountain. There are numerous reasons why Lombok Hiking Tour is an excellent tour company to visit Lombok, such as:

  • Their Eco-friendly trekking teams.
  • Focusing on customer safety as their number one priority.
  • Capable of carrying tailor-made treks if that is what you desire.


In conclusion, the Lombok tour package that you can get from the Lombok Hiking Tour company is one of the best experiences you can get if you want to take a trip to Lombok. With their fantastic customer service and their professional team, you do not need to worry about your trip going wrong.

Want to Do a Lombok Tour? These are 7 Tour Spots in Lombok You Must Visit

Lombok is one of the most famous islands in Indonesia, besides Bali. This makes Lombok visited by many tourists to do Lombok tour.

Well, for those of you who want to visit Lombok, then this article is perfect for you. The reason is, the following 7 best tourist destinations are mandatory for you to visit.

PusukSembalun Tourism Park

This tourist park is located on the slopes of Mount Rinjani, a famous mountain in Lombok. To be precise, it is in SembalunBumbung Village, East Lombok Regency. The tourist spot presents a viewing post surrounded by views from a height of 1,250 above sea level.

So, for those of you who want to enjoy green, beautiful, and insta-worthy scenery, you must visit PusukSembalun Tourism Park. When else can you feel the beautiful and calming atmosphere, right?

Selong Hill

Bukit Selong is often also referred to as Bukit Beleq which is also located in SembalunLawang Village. By coming there, you can see beautiful views of colorful rice fields and hills. You will never get this unique view anywhere else.

Aik Nyet Sesaot

If you want to do the Lombok tour, then Aik Nyet Sesaot cannot be missed from the list. Aik Nyet Sesaot is a forest tourism park located in AikNyer Hamlet, Sesaot Village, West Lombok Regency.

This place is a very hidden gem, so not many people visit it. If you want to enjoy a natural atmosphere that is beautiful and not crowded, just come to Aik Nyet Sesaot.

With clear springs, your mind will be more refreshed. So, this place is perfect for those of you who want to calm down from your daily routine.

TanjungAan Beach

Next is TanjungAan Beach. The beach is one of the popular beaches in southern Central Lombok. Usually, Lombok tour package providers include TanjungAan Beach in the list of tourist destinations in Lombok.

Entrance tickets to the beach are also very affordable. Moreover, to come there, you only need 15 minutes from downtown Lombok, namely Mataram.

TanjungAan Beach has extraordinary charm. With white sand and clear blue water, of course many people are interested in coming there. Are you also one of them?

Merese Hill

Merese Hill is in the area of TanjungAan Beach. So, the hill does surround the beach. So, if you come to TanjungAan Beach, don’t forget to come to Merese Hill too.

This hill is one of the most famous tourist spots and hits in Lombok. From the hill, you can see a wide view of the sky and sea. If it’s the afternoon, of course the view will be more beautiful.

Meru Temple

Meru Temple is also not to be missed from the list of the best tourist spots in Lombok. The temple was built in 1720. Now, this temple is the largest temple in Lombok, precisely in the city of Mataram.


Lombok is famous for its 3 Gilis, namely Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. In fact, because it is so famous, you can easily find Lombok tour and travel that provides tour services to the 3 Gilis.

The three islands are very iconic and beautiful, so they can be known to foreign countries. The stretch of white sand, clear water and fresh air are the extraordinary charms offered by the Gilis.

On Gili Trawangan, you can see fireworks. If you want to enjoy a quiet atmosphere, you can go to Gili Meno. Meanwhile, if you want to feel the atmosphere of a natural water park, then just come to Gili Air.

That was a row of 7 tourist spots that you can visit when doing the Lombok Tour. So, to make your vacation to these places more comfortable, you can use the services of the best Lombok tour guide from Lombok Hiking Tour. Visit https://www.trekkingrinjanilombok.com/ for more information!

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