Lombok Hiking Tour Highlights: Exploring Mount Rinjani

Exploring Mount Rinjani is a must because this has been included in the Lombok Hiking tour highlights. It would help if you did not miss the opportunity to visit here. We will provide a more precise explanation for travel and exploration here.

Previously, you experienced a moment when traveling to certain areas was prohibited and restricted. Now it’s free, and you are allowed to visit anywhere you want. Among the many places that can be seen, Lombok must be one of the destinations.

Lombok offers a range of natural destinations. Starting from the exotic hills, mountains, beaches, waterfalls, villages, and traditions, this is the reason why Lombo Island is on the list of the best options to visit. Moreover, everything there is friendly and also attractive.

Lombok promises an everlasting moment during the trip. Among the many vacation spots, maybe what we can provide for you is the exploration of Mount Rinjani. Remember Mount Rinjani, which will be suitable for those of you interested in trekking.

Exploring Mount Rinjani as Lombok Hiking Tour Highlights

For more details, we will thoroughly explain what you can do while on Rinjani and what this mountain offers. Many years of experience promise a magnificent look, so it’s no wonder that this has become the destination of many people lately.

Mount Rinjani has the status of the second-highest mountain in Indonesia. And automatically, this immediately promises to experience the stunning panorama on Lombok land. If this is your first time hearing about mount Rinjani in Lombok hiking tour highlights, get it now!

Mount Rinjani has a height of 3726 meters. If you reach the top, you will say that you are very proud and have succeeded in creating memories that will never be forgotten. This is because up there, you will be rewarded with stunning views, and that’s what we all love!

However, conquering this mountain is challenging. Getting a more definitive guide and explanation regarding this mountain would be best. So that later, the choice to hike Mount Rinjani will not make you regret it; instead, it will be a positive experience to remember.

Day-by-Day Lombok Hiking Tour and the Preparation

Because you can’t wait to conquer Mount Rinjani, we will explain and review this location based on what needs to be done. To get all these positive things, try to understand all of our reviews below:

  1. Day Before the Tracks

Start first with the day before the track, where you will find some tour agencies offering packages from them. Take your time choosing a service. Explore the internet and search for the best trekking and hiking service providers.

We recommend getting the agencies and track services for the Lombok hiking tour. The reason is that the Rinjani track is different from most mountains. So by finding the best service, you know more about what to prepare.

  1. First Day of the Trek

Now comes the day you will do the Rinjani Trekking. Usually, the trekking service will start the adventure in the early morning, around 6 am. Get together with all the fellow hikers, guides, protestors, and others. Personal details will be collected first.

On the first day, it will be more about introducing the track so that later you will be more confident with the Lombok hiking tour. Before starting this trek, you will also check whether you have prepared everything the Rinjani company requested.

  1. After Lunch at Mount Rinjani

The real journey will start after you take lunch at Mount Rinjani. If previously it was only to introduce the track, you will begin to hike about 1500 meters or about 8 km. The climb gets more difficult the higher you are.

The surface is sandy and slippery, which is why you have to fill your stomach correctly at lunch. You can’t waste energy just like that, even spending energy talking. This Lombok hiking tour is all about challenges.

  1. Sunset

However, all those sacrifices will be worth it once you see the sunset in a unique spot. The view up there is fantastic. Nothing can be forgotten, and the colorful sunset looks like a piece of art. The idea of Lake Segara Anak and Mount Barujari can be seen from up there.

And regarding this Lombok hiking tour, the temperature immediately dropped drastically when the sun went down. So at that moment, you have to get cozy in the tents and get dinner.

  1. Second Day of Trek

You will also start your journey on the second day at 2 am. Porters usually have food ready for you to eat. The day is about to go to the top and get some rest in the sun. At this time, you will also visit the points of interest that have been determined.

  1. Lunch Time

You still need to finish the Lombok hiking tour because, after lunch time, you will get the chance to summit once again. Feeling refreshed and reenergized will be found here. But always remember to stay alert and think first before stepping.

  1. Day 3

Your Lombok hiking tour will continue with day 3, where you should remember to go downhill. The journey will be even more complex, and the surface will be sandy with huge rocks on the path. Usually, this trip will take a while.

Get 6-7 hours of downhill walking and take a break. This will make you fresher for the next Lombok hiking. And after that long journey, you will be delighted when you get through the finish gate, and it just feels so amazing.

  1. Days After the Tracks

After the three-day trip, the Lombok hiking tour still needed to be finished. There are still other spots that must be included in your list of visits. Don’t ignore other places in Lombok, too; take a 1-day break and continue your trip here.

We mentioned the Rinjani trekking service point. But rather than you don’t know which one to choose and ending up choosing the wrong one, we advise you to decide what Adi Trekker has to offer. This is already the best service from us, for further information you can visit our website.

Holidays will be delightful with careful preparation. And if you want to take a trip to Lombok, then preparations for preparations will appear. Get the Lombok hiking tour list first and remember to include Mount Rinjani as one of the leading destinations.

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