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Rinjani Trekking Information: 6 Questions to Answer to Enjoy Epic Adventure

Gathering Rinjani Trekking Information is a must for anyone who is planning to trek on this mountain. By understanding more about Rinjani trekking, you can control your expectations and be well-prepared. Trekking Mount Rinjani sounds epic, but you need to answer these questions first before starting your adventure.

Can You Handle Hard Rinjani Trekking?

One thing you must keep in mind is that trekking Mount Rinjani is hard. A climb of 1500 m becomes the start of the Rinjani trek that will last over 8 km. The most challenging part must be the final 4 km of day one trekking which also becomes most of the elevation change. After all, it takes about four hours to conquer the last 4 km.

The trek is not only sandy and slippery but also super steep because of no trail maintenance. This circumstance makes the trekking experience harder and your body will be pushed to the limit on the way up this mountain.

You will start the trekking in the middle of the night on the second day for the summit attack because you do not want to miss the sunrise moment. You will experience the journey along a narrow trail with 1000 m of elevation gain covered with slippery and loose scree to get to the summit. The hardship does not end once you get to the summit because the descent will be as hard as the climbing or even worse for some people.

Which Trekking Tours Will You Choose?

If you think you can handle Rinjani trekking, the next question to answer is the tours you should choose. It will be associated with the route you will take. You are offered the option to ascend to Mount Rinjani from Sembalun or Senaru village.

You will likely depart from one village and descend to another village. Nevertheless, the recommendation is to start in Sembalun and descend to Senaru. This route might be the most common and popular choice.

Nevertheless, you can also consider booking a private tour to take the less-used routes, such as from Torean or Aik Berik. The track will be more off the beaten, but if you are ready for a much harder trekking experience, you will be rewarded with superb views along the way.

How Many Nights?

When looking for Rinjani Trekking Information, you must not forget to pay attention to how many nights you will spend on Rinjani. The most popular option is Rinjani 3 days 2 nights Hike. This option is recommended because you will have enough time to relax to enjoy the crater lake and hot springs.

If you do not have that much time and think that your body is strong enough for the hard trekking, the rinjani 2 days 1 night tour option is also available.

What about the Food?

You do not need to worry about the food during your Rinjani trekking tour because the guides and porters will set full-on camp kitchens that will serve you a plate of rice, stir-fried vegetables, tofu, soybean cake, and fruits for dessert. You will not have any peanut butter sandwiches for your food on the mountain.

Where Will You Sleep?

Your tent will be built at the campsite located on the crater rim. Another campsite can be found by the lake. There is no need to worry because the tent is clean although some might be too short for long bodies. You will be provided with clean sleeping bags and camp pillows.

How Much Money Will You Spend?

The price of Rinjani trekking can be varied depending on the tour provider, when and where you book the tour and the tour options you choose. Finding Rinjani Trekking Information about the provider will also be necessary because the cheapest offer might not provide you with some essential services, such as a toilet tent, garbage pack-out, good sleeping bags, and also an experienced guide.

Visit Mount Rinjani 

Why Should You Visit Mount Rinjani in Lombok?

Should you Visit Mount Rinjani when in Lombok? When checking the list of things to do in Lombok, Rinjani trekking might be included as one of the best experiences you should try in Lombok. Of course, mountain trekking is not for everyone, especially because Rinjani trekking is not easy at all.

However, once you think that you can handle this hard journey, you will understand why trekking Mount Rinjani can be a memorable experience for you in Lombok.

Different Terrain Experiences

If you are into mountain trekking, Mount Rinjani trekking will give you a special experience because you will go through different terrain along the journey. You will follow the path through the tropical forest, but after a while, the path will change into savanna grass. You will also find pebbly ground, prolonged steep climbs, and even loose stones.

Following these varied paths will give you different backgrounds for spectacular photos, for sure. Yet, you might need to push your body to the limit to finish the trek. That is why you need to prepare everything properly before starting your Rinjani trekking journey.

Magnificent Lake Segara Anak, Waterfalls, and Hot Springs

Many people think that the summit must be the ultimate goal of mountain trekking. However, you will find it different when trekking Mount Rinjani. The view of Lake Segara Anak makes the journey extraordinary. You will not only be able to enjoy the view of Lake Segara Anak from above but you can also get closer by camping right on the shore of the lake.

Since it is a crater lake, you will be amazed by its blue color which looks like seawater. Do not forget about Mount Barujari which grows from the middle of the lake. Various activities can be done near the lake. Fishing is a must if you are fishing mania because the lake is the house for a lot of fish.

Swimming can also be done on the lake or the pool under the waterfall. Yes, there are waterfalls not far from the lake. You can even find hot springs where you can dip your body to help your muscles relax.

Spectacular Summit Views

The main goal to Visit Mount Rinjani for many people must be to reach the summit. The summit is not only the symbol of a successful mountain trekking, but you want to get to the summit because you can enjoy spectacular views from Mount Rinjani summit.

You will start the journey to the summit from the campsite in the middle of the night to catch up with the sunrise view. From the summit, you will see the entire island of Lombok because the mountain is located in the center of the island. You can also get a glimpse of Bali Island, gilis, and even Sumbawa island from the Rinjani summit.

The Second Highest Mountain in Indonesia and an Active Volcano

Mount Rinjani trekking is a must if you love mountain trekking because it is the second-highest mountain in Indonesia. Your mountain trekking journey will not be completed before you follow this trekking journey. It will be a great achievement for you because this mountain is still an active volcano. It means that the view of the mountain might change in the future due to its volcanic activities.

Great Location

Mount Rinjani trekking will not be the only grand experience you can try when in Lombok because this mountain is not far from Bali Island, as well. After completing the mountain trekking, you can continue the journey by exploring Lombok Island or hopping to the famous Gili islands. Of course, you can feel free to Visit Mount Rinjani after taking a tour of Bali Island or continue exploring Bali Island after the Rinjani trekking tour is done.

Mount Rinjani Eco Tour Friendly Trekking Service Review

Mount Rinjani Eco tour friendly has different consideration factors. This is indeed an option that is worth it, and Mount Rinjani promises it all! But for that, find out what this service will provide for you.

Who wants to avoid visiting Rinjani? This place has become a favorite destination for many people, and Rinjani is always recommended when discussing attractive vacation spots. For that, you can start preparing a schedule to visit here.

While you are still compiling the vacation schedule, we can start helping you explore existing services. Hiking and trekking may be something new for you. However, the guidelines below will help you get the best thing else.

For that, hiking for the first time, and picking a trail can be confusing, especially for those with a penchant for the next adventure. However, first, ensure you are incredibly fit in physical conditions to conquer all the tracks.

Factors to Consider Before Deciding Which Rinjani Eco Tour

It is highly recommended that first-timers know everything about trekking before starting. Guide after guide comes to help you through all these tracks. If your first hiking trip is terrible, maybe it’s because the consideration still needs to be improved.

Meanwhile, if you have considered everything carefully, it will save you from everything. While doing the Mount Rinjani Eco tour friendly trekking service, here are some things you need to consider first, including:

  1. Elevation of the Trail

The first consideration comes from the elevation of the trail. You should check this first, and the total distance from the ground to the top of Rinjani is around 3726 meters. The initial track is still pretty steep, but starting from 2600 meters, this is a real challenge.

  1. Trail Distance

Indeed, if measured, the height of Rinjani is only about 3726 meters. But when it comes to traveling from the initial gate to the top, this might make you very tired. Mount Rinjani Eco tour friendly trekking service can take 18 to 23 km.

  1. Seasons and Weather

Also, consider factors such as seasons and weather. Before hiking, you must know that the track is completely closed from December to February. And the trails and paths were completed for various reasons, one of which was the rainy season.

Meanwhile, from March to November, the track is relatively safe but still sandy. The best Mount Rinjani Eco tour friendly trekking service is from March to June. Meanwhile, in July and August, it is filled with foreign tourists.

  1. Type of Terrain

The choice of track is also determined by the terrain you want to traverse. Through Sembalun, this track tends to be more solid and safer than slippery. Meanwhile, if you choose the path from Senaru, this track is still very slick and has various obstacles you must pass.

  1. Navigation

Try to find out details regarding the path that will be passed. This navigation is full of challenges, and there might be a lot of beasts if you choose the wrong navigation. So, look out for areas where the trails split; always choose the simpler one!

  1. Crowd and Congestion

Indeed, Mount Rinjani Eco tour friendly trekking service via the Sembalun track is more crowded. Sembalun is a shorter track, so there are more choices. Meanwhile, Senaru has a longer and more challenging route.

So from here, you can estimate which path and track paths are busier. Sembalun is busier with all the trekkers who choose this track, so that should be your consideration too!

  1. Scenery

And make no mistake either; the scenery must be one of the considerations when choosing the tracks provided by the Mount Rinjani Eco tour friendly trekking service. The scenery from Sembalun and Senaru is beautiful, but you have your preferences.

Is Mount Rinjani Eco Tour Friendly Trekking Service Make this Worth It?

And now you asked us to review whether Mount Rinjani Eco tour friendly trekking service is worth it or not. Considering these few things, what you need to look at and pay attention to first to answer whether it’s worth it or not is here:

  1. Company Should Care about Rinjani Environment

Companies must care about the environment in Rinjani. If the chosen company and service consider this, then this can answer that this is one of the best trekking companies. This is very important considering that the environment on Rinjani is already filthy.

  1. Good Reviews

Remember to check reviews, whether you get them online or hear from many people. Good reviews are very important for those who want a good holiday experience; this will also help you.

  1. Cheap Package Prices Don’t Always be the Best

Price is always something you need to consider too. If you choose Mount Rinjani Eco tour friendly trekking service, the price is in the order of consideration. Only go for the affordable ones, and don’t get the ones that are too cheap to get the needed options.

  1. Location of Your Agent Might be So Important

The location of the agency you choose will also determine how good a company is. The site of your agent makes it easier for you to reach them. Considering this is always important, easier access would go a long way.

What does Mount Rinjani Eco Tour – Lombok Hiking Tour Service Give You?

After choosing the exemplary trekking service, what you think about is what they will give you. What they offer is very varied. For some Mount Rinjani Eco tour friendly trekking service s, they offer these things to the clients:

  1. Good Experience
  2. Professional Agents
  3. Safety
  4. Quality
  5. Dedication
  6. Quality Gear
  7. Quality Meals
  8. Risk Management Plan
  9. Respectable Price
  10. Refund and Cancellation Policies

Always check all the details from the trekking service. Of the various options available, what you need is service from Lombok Hiking Tour, the 2022 top Traveler’s choice for the Rinjani category.

Rinjani will be perfect for those of you who want to have a vacation. This is not just a view; the impression of an adventure that will be obtained is more perfect. So, your choice of Mount Rinjani Eco tour Friendly will make it even better.

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