Things You Must Know Before Climbing Mount Rinjani 3 Days 2 Nights

Do you want to hike Mount Rinjani 3 days 2 nights? Mount hiking is one of the most common hobbies that many people have, both men and women. Most people love hiking because they can witness the outstanding beauty of nature as well as connect with nature. Mounts are also one of the best places to see the sunrise too.

Indonesia has so many pretty mountains to explore, one of them is Mount Rinjani, which is located in Lombok. For you who plan to hike this mountain for the first time, below are several things you must know first.

How to Get to the Location

As it is said before, Mount Rinjani is located on Lombok Island. You can reach the town by land with vehicles like a car or bus, sea with ferry, and air by taking a plane. If you take a plane, you will arrive at Lombok International Airport. If you take a ferry, you will arrive at Lembar Harbour in West Lombok.

There are direct flights to Lombok, while some others have to transit in Bali. If you are already exhausted from traveling to Lombok, it is better to spend a night to take a rest, then start hiking the next morning. This way, you can prepare your stamina.

Rinjani Hiking Trails

You can hike Mount Rinjani through 5 hiking routes, which are Sembalun, Senaru, Timbanuh, Berik, and Torean. Sembalun and Senaru hiking routes are the most popular among hikers. Timbanuh and Berik are the most common routes taken by locals. If you aim to reach the peak of Rinjani, you are suggested to take the Sembalun route.

But if you want to witness the beauty of Segara Anak lake first, choose the Senaru route as the view directly leads to the incredible lake. The Torean route is not an official hiking route because it is purposed for certain activities only. If you take this route without any permission, no locals or authorized parties will take the responsibility for the possible risks.

Estimated Time.

Here is an estimate of the total time needed to reach the peak of Mount Rinjani for each hiking route:

Sembalun Route

–       Sembalun – Plawangan: 7 hours

–       Plawangan – Mount Peak: 3 hours

–       Plawangan – Segara Anak Lake: 2.5 hours

–       Segara Anak Lake – Plawangan: 3 hours

–       Plawangan – Senaru: 5 hours

Senaru Route

–       Senaru – Plawangan: 7 hours

–       Plawangan – Segara Anak Lake: 3 hours

–       Segara Anak Lake – Plawangan: 2.5 hours

–       Plawangan – Mount Peak: 3 hours

Timbanuh Route

–       Djati Village – South Peak: 7 hours

Berik Route

–       Berik – Mount Peak: 7 hours

Hiking Preparation

There are several preparations that you have to do before hiking Mount Rinjani. The first and foremost preparation is physical preparation. Basically, hiking any mountain requires a lot of time and energy. So, it is extremely important for you to take enough rest before hiking. Make sure you train your body by working out on a regular basis, at least a week before the hike.

Mount Rinjani has rough hiking trails so that it is a must for you to prepare your stamina. The next preparation is food and drinks. You should bring small food and snacks that can give you enough energy, such as chocolate and energy bars. Do not forget to bring enough water because some locations do not have water sources.

Knowing the water source locations will be helpful so that you can estimate how many bottled waters you must bring. If you take the Sembalun route, you can find water sources on the second post and third post. Also, make sure you always bring a thick jacket as it will get super chilly at night.

Are you ready to hike Mount Rinjani 3 days 2 nights?

Mount Rinjani Trekking Tour Package

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