Lombok Volcano Trekking

8 Restrictions When You Do A Lombok Volcano Trekking

Hiking or trekking is a fun yet exhausting activity. Particularly if the objective is Lombok volcano trekking on Rinjani. Aside from the visual pleasures, the effort required to accomplish them is considerable.

Apart from the heaviness of the expedition, you must also follow the current regulations when trekking at Mount Rinjani or other Lombok volcano trekking. Below are some things you shouldn’t do when trekking Mount Rinjani, Check it out!

  1. Using Dirty Phrases

The very first rule of climbing Mount Rinjani is to avoid using foul language. Mount Rinjani is a center of worship for such people who live somewhere at the bottom of Rinjani. It’s preferable if you climb Mount Rinjani to express something acceptable.

Do not say anything bad, let alone anything nasty or profane. It indicates that you do not respect the area in which you are walking.

  1. Indecent

Indecent or vulgar behavior on any Mount, such as on the way of Lombok volcano trekking should be prohibited. Especially on Mount Rinjani, which is a sacred site. Remember that God designed the mountain to be lovely, so don’t get tainted by things that cause sin.

  1. Drinking Liquor

Mountain climbing demands a lot of energy and stamina, as well as a calm mind. It is recommended to cancel your mountain climbing plans if you want to consume alcohol on Mount Rinjani. Drinking wine lowers awareness, even if walking through the streets between trees and meadows on the hills needs thought. You must follow this rule if you want to climb Mount Rinjani.

  1. Picking Edelweiss Flowers

Everyone who climbs the peak is forbidden from picking Edelweiss. Edelweiss flowers are protected, so, never pick Edelweiss blossoms if no one is looking. Allow the blossom known as the eternal flower to grow and blooming on Mount Rinjani without being disturbed by uninformed hands.

  1. Don’t Push Your Ego Excessively

The third rule for ascending Mount Rinjani is to not let your ego get in the way. If you’re hiking with friends or family, if they’re too fatigued to walk, take a brief stop.

If natural conditions prevent you from continuing your journey, you should first halt and set up a tent. Being hurried and imposing your ego on Mount Rinjani is not a smart idea.

  1. Littering

Many people may have begun to disregard this one point. Littering, vandalism, and irresponsible bonfires are all ways to harm the environment. This will diminish Mount Rinjani’s attractiveness.

Even if you, your children, and grandkids could enjoy hiking Mount Rinjani one day. Just keep the mountain clean and bring the trash down with you.

  1. Never Disregard an Officer’s Instructions

Officer instructions are quite crucial. You must pay attention to the extent to which climbing can be done as well as the routes that may be taken. Before you begin your climb, the officer will inform you of the mountain’s status, including whether it is active or stable and safe to climb.

Before climbing, make sure you register with the officer. Because it’s in your best interests. Make certain that you follow all of the officer’s instructions.

  1. Careless peeing / defecation

You’re unlikely to come across a public restroom while trekking. This usually causes climbers to urinate and defecate indiscriminately, endangering other climbs. It is thought that urinating carelessly will enrage and upset the genie that lives on the mountain.

Urinating in a hole in the ground might also disturb the creatures who dwell there. To defecate, you must dig up the earth and cover it with rocks. Other climbers use stones as markers to avoid stepping on the earth.

Rinjani Lombok Trekking
Besides challenging hiking trails, Mount Rinjani in Lombok also has gorgeous
spots to visit that make it popular among hikers. Find out where those beautiful spots are.

Beautiful Spots on Mount Rinjani Lombok

Rinjani Lombok is one of the mountains on Lombok Island, Nusa Tenggara Barat, Indonesia. Due to
its stunning beauty, Mount Rinjani becomes one of the most popular mountains among tourists,
especially hikers. With a height of 3.726 meters above sea level, this mount is the third highest
mountain in Indonesia.
Mount Rinjani has challenging hiking trails that make many hikers want to beat it. It also has some
pretty spots to visit, here they are.
Sembalun Lawang Savannah
Sembalun Lawang is a suitable route for newbie hikers. At the starting point of this hiking trail, hikers
will start to hike from Sembalun Lawang Savannah. This location offers an amazing savannah view
with a length of around 6 Km. As far as you can see, you will see grass that grows with a height of up
to 1.5 meters.
The panorama of this savannah looks even more beautiful with Mount Rinjani in the background. So,
do not forget to capture the moment when you are here.
Plawangan Sembalun
Plawangan Sembalun is a quite vast location. Most hikers usually spend the night here before they
continue their hike the next morning. Besides being relatively flat and sloping, many hikers choose
Plawangan Sembalun to set up the tent because it faces directly towards the beautiful Segara Anak
Here, hikers can take a break before they continue to reach the peak of Mount Rinjani. Also,
Plawangan Sembalun is the best place to witness the sunset. In this location, you can see Lombok
Island decorated with the twilight colours. You can also see the peak of Mount Agung covered by
Segara Anak
Segara Anak of Mount Rinjani is as popular as Ranu Kumbolo of Mount Semeru. Segara Anak Lake
has crystal-clear water. Combined with stunning surroundings, this lake is one of the most beautiful
spots on Mount Rinjani. If you want to calm your body and mind in the middle of the hike, you should
really visit this lake.
The view in Segara Anak Lake is like a fairy tale. Being here will give you peace of mind as the
panorama will hypnotize you.
Mount Batu Jari
Mount Batu Jari is also known as Mount Anak Rinjani, with anak meaning a child. It was formed in
1944. This small yet exotic mount is still active and erupted several times. Located on Segara Anak
Lake, Mount Batu Jari looks even more beautiful due to the crystal clear water from the lake. Hikers
can see this small mountain in the caldera of Mount Rinjani on the south side.
Mangku Sakti Waterfall
The next beautiful stop on Mount Rinjani is Mangku Sakti Waterfall. This waterfall is actually at the
foot of Mount Rinjani. It is located in Sajang Village, Sembalun. So, you need to take the Sembalun
route if you want to visit this pretty waterfall. With a height of 40 meters, Mangku Sakti Waterfall has
refreshing water.
Located quite far away from the village, the vibe surrounding this waterfall is peaceful and quiet.
However, you need to prepare your energy and stamina if you want to see it. Because the hiking trail
to reach Mangku Sakti Waterfall is rocky and tough.
Pergasingan Hill
Pergasingan Hill is 1.700 meters above sea level. It takes around 2 hours to 3 hours to reach its top.
Once you are at the top, you will be welcomed by a stunning view of rice fields and the beauty of
Sembalun Village. You can also set up a tent here before continuing your journey to Mount Rinjani.
Enjoy the sunset and beautiful night here, then continue your adventure.
So, do you want to visit Mount Rinjani Lombok?
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