Rinjani Trekking Tour Price 

Considering the Rinjani Trekking Tour Price might be an essential thing for anyone who is planning to take the Rinjani trekking tour. There is no doubt that the journey will be an easy one, but at least, you can make sure that you are in the right hand during the trekking tour.

It does not mean that choosing the cheapest price will always be the best choice because the price can tell a lot about the tour. That is why when choosing a tour package, you need to pay attention to some elements that might be included or excluded from the package.

How Long is the Tour

The price of the tour package of Rinjani trekking usually will tell you how long you will spend on the money. In many cases, the longer time you spend on the mountain will mean that you need to pay a higher price. 

Nevertheless, it will not be the only aspect that affects the price of the Rinjani trekking tour package, after all. You need to dig deeper to find out what is offered and not offered in the package before deciding to book a package.

Service Included

When considering the Rinjani Trekking Tour Price, of course, you need to find out more about every single service included in the package. You might be still not familiar with the route to the gate of Mount Rinjani trekking, so you need to check whether the transportation to and from your arrival spot in Lombok Island is included in the package. It will be much more convenient if this service is included in the package because you might find it hard to find public transportation to the mountain.

It takes time to arrive at Lombok and you might not be able to start the Rinjani trekking on the same day of your arrival. That is why you can consider looking for a tour package that also includes one night of accommodation before the trekking tour begins.

Once again, Rinjani trekking is not easy, at all, and you will need support from professional guides and porters to make this journey safer and more comfortable for you. You need to make sure that the price also includes a professional guide and porter who have a proper understanding of mountain trekking.

The price should also include essential camping gear, but you need to find out further about the camping gear included in the package. It usually includes tents, mattresses, sleeping bags, pillows, toilet tents, folding chairs and tables, as well as cooking and eating utensils. Of course, you can see the quality of the tour package from the camping gear condition provided by the Rinjani trekking tour provider.

You do not have to worry about the meals during the trekking tour because meals are provided by the tour provider. The meals will be freshly cooked at the campsite by your multi talented porters. It will be great if the package also includes mineral water, hot drinks, fruits, and even snacks. Of course, the package must include an entrance ticket to Mount Rinjani National Park Area.

Service Excluded

You also need to pay attention to the services that are not included in the package to make sure that you will not be surprised by the extra expenses or preparation you should make. Of course, the package will not include the flights and taxes at the airport.

You might also want to prepare extra money for tipping your helpful guides and porters because it is not included in the package for sure. More attention might be needed for accommodation and dinner after descending the mountain because they usually are not included in the Rinjani Trekking Tour Price.

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