About Us

Trekking Rinjani Lombok specializes in organizing private and group Rinjani hikes. We also arrange tours in Lombok and hikes to other volcanoes in Indonesia.

We have been operating since 2005 and have a fantastic record of success and safety assisting our clients to Rinjani and other volcanoes in Indonesia.

The foundation of our approach and what sets us apart from most other companies, Trekking Rinjani Lombok Adventure Tours is a premium company specializing in overland adventures for many activities including the islands of Lombok, Bali, Java, Sumbawa, and other islands in Indonesia. we have many beautiful islands

Trekking Rinjani Lombok Adventure Founded in 2005 by a local tour guide and now running these activities including, trekking, hiking, walking, camping, and Lombok Tour programs And also Trekking in the mountains in Bali, such as trekking to Mount Batur, Mount Agung, to meet all guest needs.

We know that the competition is very high in trekking companies whether run by individuals or companies, we believe that our service standards, equipment provided, human resources, and supported by professional staff will be able to run our business professionally.

Our motto is “Safety and cleanliness of the site is our priority” meaning safety and cleanliness is the first thing we should consider. In Lombok or where you travel for trekking activities, for example, only a few companies run the whole trekking they only do trekking Mount Rinjani sunrise at very low cost for other trips and trips which are considered difficult for them and require quality experience and knowledge will not be run by them.

For this activity, we can carry out and have also been experienced by many clients with high satisfaction. For the hiking experience, we did almost all the mountains from hundreds of meters to over 3 thousand meters.

We have a lot of experience in hiking programs both in Lombok and outside. We also do lots of rice field walks, jungle walks, villages, and many others to cater to our client’s interests.

Our walking trips include a one-day walk, a two-day walk, a three-day walk, a four-day walk, a five-day walk, a six-day walk, a seven-day walking experience, and up to ten days of walking in an area covered different of course with different views and panoramas.

In terms of walking, we do also from everyday walking experiences to seven-day Tour experiences on different routes and sights where it will bring a different experience and will never be forgotten by him.

Camping in Sembalun Lombok or camping at Mount Rinjani is a new trend to avoid crowds and experience outdoor activities and stay with family or friends.

We also do camping for clients who want to escape the crowds and crowded areas and feel free to explore the area. For Lombok Camping, we do in Forests, Lakes, mountains, and in Lombok local houses with standard equipment used for camping programs.

Our goal is to cater to all the needs of our clients according to budget, fitness, and age. Once again thank you very much for visiting our website and please choose one of them that is suitable for you.