Try to state what things you want to know about Mount Rinjani hiking. We invite you to push your limits and go on an epic adventure for your holiday. This island is perfect; walking around in flip-flops and board shorts will be a memory. We got a lot of epic experiences when we were in Rinjani, and this is also what you will get when you are here. One of the main reasons is that this is one of the highest peaks in Indonesia. In this article, we will tell you what our reviews are.

Usually, you can find stories of people’s adventures on Rinjani, but what we are trying to offer is something more complete and less tedious. This will also be accompanied by a bit of information. So, let’s get started, and you can start packing your luggage. Upon arriving in Lombok, we were immediately greeted by a trekking company that offered tours on Mount Rinjani. By choosing the best one, we are even more sure that this is the perfect island for you to explore, one of the most appropriate islands for hopping adventures.

Mount Rinjani Hike Difficulty

The Truth of Mount Rinjani Hiking Difficulty

What you need right now is the hiking trip. Mainly because you already know general information and reviews about the facts of Mount Rinjani. Therefore, it is no less important to discuss what our reviews are about hiking while on the mountain.

This was obtained directly from us, who travelled with porters and guides from the best trekking companies. For more details, here are the definitions and the truth of Mount Rinjani hiking according to our explanation; consider it.

  1. It’s Hard to Get to the Top

It’s no secret that getting to the Top of this mountain is a challenge. We will present a light view of how difficult it is to trek Rinjani through this information, but it can be emphasized that this is not a mountain for beginners.

Together with Adi Trekker, the track of Mount Rinjani hiking starts from RTC Senaru at a medium altitude. Exotic rainforest vegetation and ground track are what accompany your entire journey. And on the first day, you can climb for 7 to 10 hours.

But all this will be paid for with the stunning panorama of the crater. Next, you will take another 2 hours for the steep hills route before reaching the Crater Lake. From there, it will take another 2 to 3 hours of travel to get closer to the favourite centre of many tourists.

According to the records of many people Mount Rinjani hiking until now, only 25% of the total people make it to the summit. The main reason, and the most common, is the cold, windy, and high route.

  1. The Porters Carry a lot of Stuff you don’t Need

Trekking packages promise you something delicious and fresh, making the price slightly higher than other companies. Starting from fresh food, fancy drinks, and comfy mattresses, it is carried in a porter’s shoulder in a basket slung.

The porters carry all ingredients for this fancy food and drink. Even the blender and battery, and glass are in it. So when you ask what the Adi Trekker guide brought with him when Mount Rinjani hiking, it’s hard to explain.

  1. It is Pretty Dirty

Other facts and information that we can review are about Mount Rinjani and what is at its peak. And you need to know that if you have never been to Mount Rinjani, you will see firsthand that this mountain is very dirty.

We’re not lying, and there is a lot of documentation that can give you an idea of how dirty this mountain is. And what’s worse is this mountain is getting polluted from year to year, and this is due to the increasing number of tourists who come.

Of course, it is scary when Mount Rinjani hiking, and you see sheer amounts of trash and human waste. This, too, is a sad thing. Mount Rinjani is the dirtiest place on the entire island of Lombok.

Essentials Information to Cover up How Mount Rinjani Hiking is So Appealing

Even if you don’t get to the Top, you will still get the lovely view, which is the main thing that makes Mount Rinjani very interesting. But you need to find suitable trekking packages later, and they will manage the rest.

If you can get through a series of challenges on Mount Rinjani hiking, we will help you and make you more confident with the essential information you never thought of before. So, this might help you to get to the Top:

  1. It all Starts with 1500m of Sheer Vertical Torture

If you chose the three-day 2, night options from the Sembalun trek, congrats, as you have selected our most recommended track. In the morning, you will pass through an area filled with volcanic dust, which can lower your confidence level.

But, this is still a minor challenge because the main challenge comes at an elevation of 1500 meters. The scenery here is incredible, but from the track, it will immediately become steep, slippery, crowded, and poorly maintained.

Because the altitude is very steep, if you are considering continuing the Mount Rinjani hiking trip, ensure you have prepared all the guidelines. Because from an altitude of 1500 m, you will see direct travel of only about 1 km per hour.

  1. Not Everyone Summit

A typical mountain like Mount Rinjani is unique and doesn’t require you to submit. The scenery below is fascinating. So, get early on the second day’s morning, and the summit stretches 1000 vertical meters from the first night campground.

In addition, because the track was so terrible, some people chose not to continue the journey. Frigid temperatures are also an additional challenge. Don’t be ashamed to say no to sunrise on the summit because this is quite dangerous.

  1. Safety Always Comes First

Safety must be the main thing, and you prioritize it. Especially for those who need more experience, Rinjani Treks need a strong mentality. That’s also what makes up only about 25% of people who succeed in completing Mount Rinjani hiking.

Trekkers and the guides have the principle that getting to the Top is an option you can choose, but getting down is a must. It’s not worth it to keep going if you see the conditions from the mountain are not friendly.

  1. Don’t Get Overbearing on the Descent

Even though you have a wealth of experience on Mount Rinjani hiking, you are highly discouraged from being arrogant. No one knows what could have happened there. So it is highly recommended that you be humble on the Descent.

Despite the challenges in other mountains, motivation must remain. Trekking is more than just reaching the Top or being better than others. But this is also a challenge for us to stay humble and realize how small we are.

  1. Hot Springs are Hot

Our following review is about the hot springs that are there. The hot spring is one of the main attractions for many visitors. But it would help if you found the temperature because the hot springs in the middle of the mountain have super high temperatures.

If you want to feel hot springs in frigid mountain temperatures, But since dipping myself into the pool, it’s scalding. Take a few minutes to ease into the water, and your skin will also turn red when Mount Rinjani hiking.

However, because you are already tired from hiking Mount Rinjani, dipping yourself into these hot springs will rest your shape. With this, you can be more enthusiastic and fit to continue your journey because the muscles are contracting again.

  1. Porters and Guides are the Superheroes

Don’t assume that protestors and guides are heroes for you. You are your hero, and you will get through it all with help from others. But what will determine your safety is yourself.

However, you can still appreciate the role of porters and guides who accompany your Mount Rinjani hiking experience. If you are struggling up and down the mountain, you will feel very fortunate because of the presence of protestors and guides.

  1. Mass Tourism Destroy and Ruin Mount Rinjani

And speaking of Mount Rinjani, what destroys all this beauty is the mass tourism itself. We were very enthusiastic when we heard the news that Mount Rinjani was starting to become known globally because clearly, Rinjani deserves it.

Rinjani is stunningly beautiful, but the trash gets out of control because too many people visit here. And if you are here directly for Mount Rinjani hiking, you will witness the presence of piles of garbage at every spot.

The better Rinjani trekking companies usually provide toilet tents, which are available and provided by Adi Trekker. The best organizers and services should accompany this favourite and most famous attraction in Lombok because TripAdvisor also recognizes Adi Trekker.

Different packages are offered to make you more flexible, and the route options are also attractive. Additional services are added so you can easily pass obstacles such as stones, hills, logs and other access. So, always choose the services offered by Adi Trekker.

So, are you looking to get a hiking experience at the second-highest volcano in Indonesia? If so, what you may need is the service provider first. And this is useful for ensuring whether or not the reviews about Mount Rinjani hiking are accurate.

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